Cooking school “Basics”

Our team of professional chefs will arrive at Villa Orlando with all the ingredients for the creation of the typical italian recipes. The recipes will be translated in both languages, Italian and English, and will be realized by chefs and guests together experiencing moments of learing and fun with the typical italian cousine.

Are available different types of recipes to choose:

  • Hot and Cold Starters
  • Pasta and Ravioli
  • Rice and Risotto
  • Second Course of Fish
  • Second Course of Meat
  • Desserts and Cakes

Cooking school “Advanced”

The "Advanced" Cooking School program starts from the "Basic" course and is splitted in two.The first part will be the preparation of the menu in which the Chefs and the Guests will prepare a 4 courses "Menu", instead of individual recipes.In the second part, the Guests will finish the recipes in the kitchen and, when finished, they will sit in the dining room enjoying the courses just prepared.
In this Advanced program the kitchen brigade will be more structured and there will also be service staff at the table.
Different types of Menus can be choosed on customer preferences.

  • Tradition Menù
  • Fish Menù
  • Meat Menù
  • Vegetarian Menù

Each menu includes 4 courses: appetizer, first course, main course and dessert

Lunch and Dinner at Villa Orlando

Chef Theo Penati and the staff of the Pierino Penati Restaurant, are always available to organize formal business lunches, gala dinners and parties of all kinds, for the guests of Villa Orlando.

Thanks to the flexibility of our team, is possible to organize events for few guests, or moments of celebration for very high numbers.

We are available for single dates, either for longer periods such as consecutive days or for the entire stay of guests in Villa Orlando.

The most smart way to realize your event tailored to your needs.

Wine tasting at villa orlando

Tasting wine is very different from drinking it simply.
When you approach the tasting, you must observe some rules to be professional and have fun:

  • carry out the tasting in a quiet environment, without strong smells and perfumes
  • do not use intense perfumes for your person
  • do not combine foods or substances with a strong taste and persistence
  • not smoking
  • taste the wine at the right temperature
  • do not taste too many wines, maximum 10/12 wines
  • choose an appropriate time for tasting
  • choose a logical sequence for tasting wines
  • do not be influenced by the label or by the hunger of the wine or the producer
  • be in perfect health

The collaboration between Villa Orlando and Pierino Penati, guarantees a selection of prestigious labels, both national and foreign for real moments of oenological pleasure, with guided tastings with the help of highly qualified staff, who will support the guest with the correct selection of labels, glasses and service kit.

In addition, the guest will have the support of the Chefs for the preparation of small samples that accompany the tasting.

Minimum requiried time for organization

We try to improve our efficiency every day, we need 36 hours notice before the event.


The costs are tailored and variable based on the needs and choices of the customers.
Once the reservation is received, an offer will be processed and sent to the customer as soon as possible.