la cantina & la grande carta dei vini

Our wine cellar reflects the philosophy of the restaurant: well-known and prestigious labels of undisputed quality that are stored there, waiting to be carefully selected to accompany our dishes.
Here, the bottles of "smaller” wineries – most of which family-run – reign supreme. These wines have gained their reputation by word of mouth: they are little-known masterpieces by winemakers who have chosen to express their passion even when they must deal with the elements. These producers have embraced organic agriculture, which requires a great deal of work in the vineyard.
But we trust them, because we taste their wines and believe in them. Here we leave nothing to chance, walking along earthen paths across vineyards so we can get to know our winemakers and be able to tell our guests about the scents of the grapes, the colours of the terroir, the love of the land.
This year has been particularly difficult for winemakers, but we are waiting impatiently for the next harvest. In fact, while food is the star of our table, without an enticing, fresh and full-bodied narrative voice our story would be incomplete. And that’s why we match our dishes with "an excellent wine that is not overwhelming”, as Pierino Penati always suggests.

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