Mont Blanc

Marron Glacé, Dark Chocolate and Cream | € 12,00
A typical dessert made by chestnuts stewed in water and sugar, pressed through a potato ricer and made as vermicelli-like chestnuts. It’s garnished with whipped cream and chocolate.
We perform this classic dessert in a modern way, imagining to observe the Mont Blanc,
from the distance, through a window.

the fruit

Fresh Fruit | € 12,00
In Ancient times, Fruit was served with salads at the beginning of the meal. Eating fibres
helps the stomach in the process of digestion, starting the production of gastric juices.
While laying in Triclinium beds, the Ancient Romans would eat this starter with their hands.


Persimmon Mousse, Cream, Cocoa, Almonds, Chocolate and Cognac | € 12,00
With this dessert, we would like to celebrate the arrival of Autumn.
Our kaki is composed with persimmon mousse, purée and heart,
in which we enclose a cocoa biscuit made by almonds flour, cognac and chocolate sauce.


Sorbets with fresh fruit | € 12,00
A sorbet is a sort of ice-cream made only with ice, fruit and sugar syrup, blended together. Nero was a Roman emperor around 60 b.C., he used to get ice from Appennini mountain chain to make this dessert for his court. Today we prepare it with the finest fruit and a little amount of sugar, the result is a fruity tasty dessert with a reduced amount of calories.

chef Cristina La Capra


warm zabaglione with savoiardi

Warm Zabaglione with Savoiardi Biscuits | € 12,00
A recipe from “Nuovo Cuoco Milanese Economico” Milano 1829. For every egg yolk put a table spoon of sugar and an eggshell filled with white wine or Malaga wine. Add a hint of cinnamon and whip while gently heating on a stove. To avoid lumps do not let it boil

in the undergrowth

Blackberries and Basil Sorbet, Chocolate, Cocoa, Vervain and Almonds | € 12,00
Walking through the woods in this autumn, I realized of how much nature has changed.
Little details recall sweet thoughts in my mind: truffled mushroom of guanaja 70% and blackberries mousse, red basil and blackberries sorbet with a drop of vervain.
All this elements of the undergrowth together, build shapes and tastes on a ground made of chocolate.
In the middle of these flavours, I wish you a good walk.

Pop Beetroot

Beetroot, Corn, Coconut, Gin and Pop Corn | € 12,00
Wishing to be born differently, a different style and way of being a dessert.
Light, extravagant and low in calories.
Creamy Beetroot with corn cream, caramelized pop-corn and coconut sorbet.

Crepes flambees

Flambèed Crêpes, Caramelized Apple and Vanilla Ice Cream | € 12,00
A french dessert, which is a symbol of friendship and alliance. It is traditionally served during the Candelora Celebrations. It was tradition that before tasting it you were meant to make a wish.

to accompany

Let the Sommelier advise you.
He will be to yours complete disposition to suggest a sweet wine, passito or a spirit.