Being a restaurateur is a wonderful profession that also requires knowledge of notions of psychology, art, craftsmanship, chemistry, botany and sociology.

It is a demanding profession but one that is very rewarding. It follows ironclad rules, conceals a number of secrets and thrives thanks to impeccable and harmonious organization behind the scenes.

In my mind, the restaurant is a place where, every day, two theatre representations are staged: the more informal noontime meal and the restaurateur’s gala with the spectacle of dinner.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that I invite you to visit this theatre, with its "performances” that have been staged for over 70 years.

Taken from Al ristorante come a teatro by Piergiuseppe Penati


Set in the verdant hills of Brianza, it is surrounded by a delightful garden created to immortalize unforgettable moments.

It is surrounded by windows, so the interior overlooks the hill towards Montevecchia, and on clear days, off in the distance you can recognize the outlines of the Ligurian Apennines framing the Po Valley.

In summer, we open the full-length windows so guests can enjoy dining in a garden setting, against the backdrop of the immense beech tree that at Christmas is decorated with thousands of lights, creating an enchanting spectacle.

The first floor vaunts the small "hall of mirrors”, a more intimate ambience with a terrace overlooking the garden.


It is a very creative cuisine distinguished by its marvellous flavours, prepared with top-quality ingredients and always focusing on the traditions of our roots.

Our wine cellar boasts well-known and prestigious labels that we store there along with bottles from "smaller” wineries that have gained an excellent reputation through word of mouth. 

The cosy atmosphere of the interior and the magnificent garden, where you can enjoy lunch and dinner as you take in the scent of the flowering plants and aromatic herbs, outstanding service and the warmth of our staff … this is how we have welcomed our guests for three generations.