The Main Menu


CHEF  Alice Bruno

Vegetables in Different Texture, Potatoes Vinaigrette | € 23,00
Roasted Scallops with Grilled Asparagus,
Fennel Sauce with Orange | € 25,00
Foie Gras Terrine, Coffee Brioche, Fig Mustard and Nashi Pear| € 28,00
Penati Selection Parma Ham 30 Months Aged Parmesan Fritters| € 24,00
Perfect Egg Artichoke and Cauliflower,
Pistachio Granola| € 22,00
31⁄2 Hours Cooking

first courses

CHEF  Alessio Manzoni

“Bittersweet” Risotto, Tuber, Root Vegetable and Tamarind Reduction | € 18,00
(Minimum Order Two Portions)
Braised Veal Ravioli, Celeriac Spuma and Vegetables | € 20,00
Potato and Cod Gnocchi, Creamy Cod and Pistachio | € 22,00
Spelt Flour Homemade Spaghetti, Prawns and Spring Onion, Bisque | € 25,00

today's fish

CHEF  Nicholas Saletta

Stewed Fillet of Scorpion Fish , Extra-virgin Oil, Parsley,
Cardoons and Radicchio | € 28,00
Roasted Black Cod with Spinach, Topinambur, Bacon, Salsa Verde,
Bagnacauda Sponge | € 36,00
Roasted Octopus, Peas Mousse and Crispy Black Salsifies | € 28,00

our certified meats

CHEF  Annalisa Torluccio

Slowly Cooked Beef Cheek in Red Wine with Traditional Cornmeal Mush | € 28,00
Lamb Saddle, Crén Mousse, White Radish, Sake Sauce with Mustard | € 30,00
Milanese Calf Rib (Thick or Thin on Request) with Home-made Potato Chips | € 32,00
Sirloin Steak, Rainbow Vegetables, Red Wine Sauce | € 35,00
Stir Fried Calf Kidneys, Garlic and Parsley, Mashed Potatoes,
Goose Liver, Coffee | € 26,00

Cheeses Our Selection of Italian Cheeses | € 22,00

Bread and cover | € 5,00

Chef de cuisine:  Theo Penati



Tasting Menu

Today’s Amouse Bouche

Foie Gras Terrine, Coffee Brioche, Fig Mustard and Nashi Pear

Braised Veal Ravioli, Celeriac Spuma and Vegetables

Lamb Saddle, Crén Mousse, White Radish, Sake Sauce with Mustard


The Ring
Chocolate, Hazelnut Torrone and Passion Fruit


From our Wine-Cellar:
Langhe Nebbiolo “Perbacco” 2016, Vietti

€ 75,00



Pass gestures, rituals, recipes and secret ingredients is the lifeblood that feeds the story of our restaurant for more than 70 years. Our cuisine has its roots in the distant past of a village tavem, led by the head of the Penati. The values that were then infused into the daily work have been handed down from father to son for three generations.


The Great Dinners

The tastes of Tradition

During the Autumn Evenings, we have taken care of our guests since 1940.
Friday, 10th November from 08pm “The Great Boiled Meat”
Friday, 17th November from 08pm “The Truffles and the Great Red Wines”



We try and select the best ingredients in our territory, focusing on the choice oflocal suppliers for fruit and vegetables, breads, meats and cold cuts. In our garden we grow herbs, decorative flowers, berries, and when the nature permits some types of vegetables. From the sea we get the best fish and shellfish, always trying to match them with locai vegetables to calibrate the environmental impact of each dish. Eating well is one of the pleasures of life, do it with care and responsibility makes it even more enjoyable ..