Spring Awakening

Vanilla Semifreddo, Berry Fruits, Meringue | € 12,00
As we go deep into the forest, we can discover underneath iced snow the springs of violets and snowdrops. We admire the strength and gentleness as they work into the freedom of a new season.
In this dessert, violet and berry fruit are covered with a Vanilla Semifreddo and Meringue, like flowers are hidden by a blanket of snow.
In the “Spring Awakening”, berry fruits and crystallized violet represents some of the season’s common events. Welcome spring!

the fruit

Fresh Fruit | € 12,00
In Ancient times, Fruit was served with salads at the beginning of the meal. Eating fibres
helps the stomach in the process of digestion, starting the production of gastric juices.
While laying in Triclinium beds, the Ancient Romans would eat this starter with their hands.

Tiramisu 2019

Traditional Flavour with a Twist | € 12,00
By using the traditional ingredients from the classic recipe, but in order to preserve the Tiramisù’s concept. We had a great time recomposing i tinto the 2019 edition with mascarpone cream, coffee, savoiardi and cacao. Enjoy your dessert!


Sorbets with fresh fruit | € 12,00
A sorbet is a sort of ice-cream made only with ice, fruit and sugar syrup, blended together. Nero was a Roman emperor around 60 b.C., he used to get ice from Appennini mountain chain to make this dessert for his court. Today we prepare it with the finest fruit and a little amount of sugar, the result is a fruity tasty dessert with a reduced amount of calories.

chef Annalisa Caporaso


warm zabaglione with savoiardi

Warm Zabaglione with Savoiardi Biscuits | € 12,00
A recipe from “Nuovo Cuoco Milanese Economico” Milano 1829. For every egg yolk put a table spoon of sugar and an eggshell filled with white wine or Malaga wine. Add a hint of cinnamon and whip while gently heating on a stove. To avoid lumps do not let it boil

the strawberry, the ruby ​​of the garden

Strawberries, Sorbet, Verben Gel and Chantilly, Sablé Shortbread | € 12,00
Walking in the relaxing green of the vegetable garden in search of something precious, a definitive symbol that winter is already a memory and everything is projected into the future.
The sound of light steps on the gravel of the paths.
The eyes stops at the sight of wonderful, perfect, juicy, pleasantly acidulous and red fruits.
A simple dessert that combines different preparations using strawberries.

The Gentle Dessert

Gluten free, with Vitamin A, C and E | € 12,00
The study of biology applied to nutrition has allowed us to discover that many essential nutrients come to us from food. We have created a precious dessert for taste and well-being, mixing the typical ingredients of pastry and cooking. Amalgamating almond and lemon, with carrots and celery, has borned a gentle, light dessert. A fine fresh meal with discreet flavors, to rediscover the importance of kindness.

Crepes flambees

Flambèed Crêpes, Caramelized Apple and Vanilla Ice Cream | € 12,00
A french dessert, which is a symbol of friendship and alliance. It is traditionally served during the Candelora Celebrations. It was tradition that before tasting it you were meant to make a wish.

to accompany

Let the Sommelier advise you.
He will be to yours complete disposition to suggest a sweet wine, passito or a spirit.